Fun facts about Napoli

Napoli is a lively city with a rich history that can be traced back over 2,800 years. Greek people from the colony of Cumae founded the mainland colony known as Parthenope and later they built Neapolis (New City) in the proximity of Parthenope. These two cities from the Gulf of Naples merged and grew very fast as a result of the influence and support of Siracusa, a Greek city-state. Napoli had an interesting development since then and it is often known as the home of pizza. Visit Napoli by the side of a beauty from London Escorts and you will spend an incredible experience.

Discover the hidden treasures within Napoli

If you consider traveling to Napoli for a wonderful vacation spent in the company of a beautiful lady from London Escort Guide, here are some fun facts you should know about this city. Napoli endured numerous changes throughout time and it contributed considerably to world culture. Major landmarks in cuisine where invented here, namely the Margherita pizza. As a consequence, if you travel to Napoli accompanied by a charming beauty, eating a Margherita pizza is a must.

When they needed defense against the war-waging Carthaginians, Napoli became allied with the Roman Republic. Walls were built around the city to keep Hannibal and his warriors away. Because the Romans respected the beauty of the place and their Greek culture, Napoli became a significant port city where early Greeks and Romans bonded a strong connection. But after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, Napoli was affected by the Ostrogoths. Gothic wars were followed by political upheaval and power changing hands all of the time. Constantinople, Rome, Normans and Bourbons held the power, yet Napoli maintained its Hellenistic influences.

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