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In current days Napoli displays Renaissance touches with neoclassicism accents. The unique and distinctive characteristics of this city attract millions of tourists each year, who come here to enjoy the lovely weather, amazing landscapes and leisure lifestyle. Impressive archeological sites – Pompeii, Vesuvius and Herculaneum – can be visited here, while the majestic buildings of Duomo, Cappella di San Gennaro, Cappella Sansevero and the church of Santa Chiara will catch the eye with skillfully made details.

Yet wherever you will go in Napoli, you can train your palate with pizza perfection. Crackling wood and mouth-watering flavours of freshly baked pizza will entice you all over in Napoli, city where you will be tempted to serve pizza as breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner as well. If you will be accompanied by a tempting lady from London Escort Guide, you have to walk on Lungomore, the seafront promenade from Santa Lucia to Mergellina, where you will savour a delicious gelato and serve a flavourful pizza.

Napoli is worth a visit if you travel to Italy, whether you come here for business or for pleasure. You can enter here the epicenter of coffee culture, horse around with your eyes closed in Piazza del Plebiscito or adopt a skull in Santa Maria della Sanita. Travel to Napoli accompanied by a gorgeous lady from London Escort Guide and uncover all the other fun facts about this beautiful city!

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