A delightful trip to Napoli

As the biggest city in Southern Italy and the third most-populated city in this country, Napoli is a lively city located nearby numerous impressive tourist attractions. The Bay of Naples and Pompeii are worth being visited if you arrive to Napoli, but the fantastic historical and artistic treasures hidden in this city must be seen as well. Stroll on the winding streets, venture in the mesmerizing shops and get some souvenirs for you and your lovely companion from London Escort Guide, to remind you of the remarkable adventure spent in Napoli.

Spend a few days in Napoli

Even if you visited numerous cities in Italy, nothing prepared you for the spectacular trip you will have in Napoli. This delightful city is colourful, exuberant and sometimes chaotic, but it will enchant you if you will travel here alongside a beautiful lady from London Escort Guide. Whether you visit Napoli to enjoy the history and culture beneath this city or to relish with the best pizza in the world, you will certainly have a wonderful vacation here.

Because pizza is taken very seriously here, you will serve the best and most delicious pizza in the world. No matter where you will serve breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, you will get to savour tasty recipes of pizza that will quench your hunger and make you crave for more. Venture to the historic gateway to the Mediterranean, which is actually the best spot to feel the vibe of Napoli. Admire Napoli harbor, stroll towards the Marine Station and head to Piazza del Municipio, until you will reach to Molo Angiono.

Take a few photographs to the bay of Vesuvius, serve a delicious gelato made by the locals and get ready for an impressive experience at the National Archeological Museum. The finest collection of antiques is well preserved here and you will be lucky enough to see a few remains excavated from Pompeii. Watch the Farnese collections from Rome and Parma, the art treasures of the king of Napoli, collections from the palaces of Capodimonte and Portici and even antiques from Cumae and Herculaneum.

Travel accompanied by an appealing lady from London Escorts

Capodimonte Royal Palace and Museum is astonishing. Spend a few hours here then move to the Cathedral, this immense structure with fascination decorations. Stroll to the several other churches that surround the cathedral and have a break to eat a mouthwatering Margherita pizza. Recharge your batteries to explore the Catacombs of San Gennaro and visit Castel Nuovo if you want to feel like king and queen with your appealing companion from London.

Take a tour to the west of the Piazza del Plebiscito, fly on the slopes of Pizzofalcone and head to the district of Santa Lucia. Observe the traditional Neapolitan life, enjoy a shopping session in the company of the charming escort from https://www.escortdirectory.com/ and try another gelato to refresh after your busy day. Discover the hidden treasures within this city by the side of this ravishing beauty and make the best out of your trip to Napoli!

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